Monday, March 22, 2010

Dear Mom and Family and Friends,
Well first of all to answer your questions, i am only supposed to email family and stuff which stinks but its a rule so im gonna follow it. MMmmmm and I am not sure how long it takes for mail to arrive here I think it is usually like a month but I don´t know because I havent gotten any mail here but it still hasnt been a month yet. We receive the mail usually on Tuesdays because that is when our district meetings are and the zone leaders get it from the office and drop it off at the different district meetings. And we usually eat with members for lunch. Yesterday we ate at the bishop´s house so I had to make a really good impression and I ate so much and it was so good but I thought I was going to die right there and explode but yeah. Mmm this week has been awesome. We baptized two people. Both were on Saturday. The first man is Alexandre. He had been coming to church for a few weeks already on his own which is totally awesome. He had been referred by a member of his AA group or something, and he is the president of the AA group which is totally awesome. He is a very short Brazilian man with a really deep voice. He is really cool and firm and stuff. The other person whom we baptized is named Alef, I think I have written about him before. He and his girlfriend were going to be baptized a few weeks ago, but for some reason they werent. Well it was totally cool because Alef still wanted to be taught and stuff which shows he is super awesome. He kept on changing his mind though and Elder Carvalho and I knew that he had to choose because it would totally change his life. He lives in the ghetto and he is like 4 years behind in school and not going anywhere but he still had really good values. So the night before the baptism Elder Carvalho and I taught him and we could really feel the Spirit of God. I shared the experience where I wanted to put off serving a mission and it was really good because I felt that that experience touched him, and he ended up being baptized which is awesome. Right, what else, we had a zone conference in Aldeota which was pretty awesome and it was on Friday. Mmmm I´ll tell you a little bit about my area. Benfica is one of the richest areas in our mission. There are not really any favelas but there are lots of ghettos. Maybe a little bit worse but I am fine. Yeah I gotta go but talk to you later, bye!!!!
Elder Willoughby

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