Wednesday, December 30, 2009

He made it!!!

David reported to the Provo MTC this afternoon, after a harrowing, multiple near-near-death-experience drive. Hey, everyone that lives in ID and UT- you know that snow storm today. We drove through it. But let's get back to what's important!

Our little Davy Crocket is going to be awesome. When we dropped him off, he seemed very excited in his own quiet way. After he was set apart last night by the stake president, he bore his testimony that the Gospel is true. We were the first to hear his testimony as a missionary. We pray that all who hear it will have open hearts so that the Spirit can testify of the truthfulness of the message.

We will let you know what his address is when we get it from him. He would love letters, pictures, packages (you know, the brown paper ones that are tied up with string), etc. We, his family, would like to thank you for supporting him in this way.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Breaking News--

This just in. David will not be reporting to the Brazil MTC. There have been some delays in the visa world and he will not be getting it before he needs to leave. Therefore, because of the previously stated information, we will be taking him to the Provo MTC on December 30.
We are all so proud of him. Despite watching Law and Order right now, he has been faithfully preparing everyday. He is going to be such a wonderful missionary!

~Special shout out to Stephanie! We can't wait to see you tomorrow! Dave and Mom are busy making all the candy ;) Good luck with finals Sis!!!! LUV YA!!!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hello readers (this is David not my amazing sister Courtney). I just want to share my feelings as my departure date nears.

Last Saturday I got to go through the Idaho Falls Temple for the first time! I was so excited to go, all my family was here, I had already went to the Distribution Center to get everything I needed, I put on my best (and only) suit, one of my fave ties, and was off to the temple.

I got to talk to the temple president and he was so nice. We talked about the keys that were restored in the temple.

  • The Keys of Moses- the keys of Missionary Work and the Gathering of Israel

  • The Keys of Elias- the keys that what is sealed on Earth will be sealed in Heaven

  • The Keys of Elijah- the keys to perform temple work

It made me so excited because missionary work and temple work are so intertwined. I am able to go to Brazil and bring people into the fold of God with the keys that Moses restored. When they are baptized, their baptism will be legitimate in heaven because of the keys that Elias restored. After a while these people and their families will be able to go to the temple and get sealed as a family for all Eternity, husband to wife, parent to child :-D. (All this insight is from the Temple President, so I can't really claim it as my own). I had such a wonderful experience at the temple, especially with all my family there.

Oooh oooh yeah. Also on Tuesday I was in Provo, and my sister Stephanie and I were able to go to the Temple baptistry, and I was able to officiate in the baptisms with her!! It was such a wonderful experience.

Well all this talk about the Temple makes me grateful that my parents are sealed together for all eternity and I am eternally sealed to them. That which was lost is back on the Earth today, and I am so excited to share that message :-D

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Here's whats up!

K, so breaking news! (drum roll please).....I got my itinerary! I leave from the Idaho Falls Airport on December 29 at 9:10. Everyone's welcome to come see me for one last time before I turn into one hott RM.
I have sooo much to do.
*apply for vista*
*take a long hot shower for the last time in 2 years*
*flush toilet paper all I want*
*get immunizations*
*go to the temple!*
*get all my clothes (are you aware of how darn hard it is to get a short sleeve white shirt)*
*tell Courtney how amazing she is*
By the way, does anyone have any suggestions for fleas and deadly mosquitoes?
Also, is ring worm really as bad as people say?
Peace out! (P.S. yes, this is Courtney writing!)

Where's a Map?

On Thursday August 10 I got my mission call in the mail. Unfortunately this was the same day as my Great Grandma's funeral, who passed away at the age of 95. She was an awesome lady and I will remember her for great sense of humor and her joyful attitude.
One good thing about this was that all my siblings and some of my cousins were there to see me open my mission call letter. I was certain I would be sent stateside so when I saw the word "Brazil" I was flabbergasted.
We had a world map up on the kitchen wall to put all our guesses. Max won so we were supposed to buy him a milkshake, but I don't really think he ever believed I would actually buy him a milkshake :-P. Instead we went to Rupe's and each payed for our own.
Welll there is tons of stuff to do before December 30 so I have to go!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


I have been called to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the BRAZIL FORTALEZA MISSION. I depart for the MTC in Sao Paulo, Brazil on December 30.