Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dear Family and Friends,
Well this past week has been pretty good. So from the last time you guys emailed me a lot has happened. It was funny I think last email i said something about how everyone says i am so white. so when i finished there was this really black guy that was talking to me in english and he was like when i saw you i knew you were not brazilian. he was from africa but had lived in san francisco for a while. so we got his number and are going to call him. so my whiteness got us somewhere. oh yeah and by the way i still cant barely understand anything but they say that is normal. so last monday night we taught this guy named pedro who was telling us how he had had visions of the book of mormon being written in the americas with a lot of isaiahs prophecies in it. so he had already gone to church twice and to the noite mexicana and we taught him again on tuesday and baptized him that day.
ummm we also have been teaching jorge and damaris who are married. i cant remember if i told you guys about them. they were supposed to be baptized last week but he went to the beach instead so we had to work with them a little bit more. it is awesome though because they can support each other and stuff and yesterday they entered the waters of baptism also!!
Also there is this rapaz (young man) named Augusto who is like 18 and super awesome. he like goes to institute already and loves church and wants to serve a mission. He is in a ward where there are no missionaries so we got permission to teach him. He also was baptized yesterday. He kind of has a girl friend named Edwarda or something like that. It will be so legit in one year when he can put his papers in!!
So I kinda gotta go but I will send some pictures
Love you guys,
Elder Willoughby

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