Saturday, January 23, 2010

Queridos Pai e Mae e outros,
Thanks for the letters Dad and the email mom. Its so fun to get letters and email! MMmm OK what happened this week. I just wrote a letter to grandma and grandpa so if i miss anything just ask them. About the package just make sure you send like all of my ties, because somehow I always spill on them. lol. OK so on Sunday Susan Easton Black spoke at our Sunday night devotional. Her talk was about Joseph Smith and his life. The Tuesday night devotional was by Elder David H. Evans who talked about teaching more out of the Book of Mormon. He quoted President Benson alot. One of the quotes I liked was like, "We will gain greater power to resist temptation as we read from the Book of Mormon" Totally awesome. This week we went to the TRC and had to do this thing in Portuguese where we picked up our investigator and walked them to the bus and talked to them about commitments on the bus ride. Our investigator was a girl from BYU who spoke Portuguese. UMmmm the Portuguese part went well except for a few awkward silences. Our lesson went well except at the end Elder Subacz and I tried to sing Secreta Oração. It was horrible and the investigator was trying not to laugh because it was so horrible. But the lesson went well. We taught the Plan of Salvation.
What else? Ummm Dad asked about the word Fortaleza, in Spanish it means strength, in Porguese it meanse like fortress, forca is strength.
Ummm hey if you could send me the addresses of like Hoefts, Gingrichs, basically you should just send me a ward list from Pennsylvania. Ummmmm yeah I hate email time because I can never think of what I need to write.
Oh you should watch Irma Tymyschenko's father's general conference talk. His name is Elder Godoy and I can't remember when he talked. Well thank everybody for sending me mail. I love reading mail. Oh yeah and post this on my blog if you can.

Elder Willoughby

PS- Courtney tell Brittany she can write me.

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