Monday, January 11, 2010

He cracks us up!

Dear Courtney,
Well I already wrote you a letter but I will write it in an email, so you can blog it up. Well today was pretty awesome. We have Preparation Day on Fridays. Today we woke up at 6:15 to get ready, went to our classroom at 7:00 for personal study, went to breakfast at 8:00 where I had Hash Browns, eggs, and bacon, and a donut, and milk, and juice. We then had comp. study and then we went to the temple. We took pictures outside. Letsee what else? This week we taught an "investigator" at the TRC and next week we will teach another one that we have a fake Teaching Record for. Oh yeah here is something crazy. The BYU football player Russell Tialavea is here at the MTC and I see him a lot. Also Elizabeth Smart is here and I have seen her a few times.
So Courtney, you're awesome and whenever I teach about how the gospel of Jesus Christ can bless families I think about you and the rest of my awesome family.
So getting letters, emails, and DearElders is so amazing. It is really funny how excited we got. Remember The Best Two Years when they are getting the mail. It is basically like that. The first day it went like this when our district leader was calling out the mail. "Elder Munk, Elder Munk, Elder Munk, Elder Munk." It was really funny. Oh yeah and I got two letters from girls, and each time everyone in my district came into my room and made me read it in front of them. It is pretty funny.
One problem with our district is that we are all so amazingly uber awesome that it makes it hard to focus when we are supposed to be working hard. We will work on it.
Irma Tymoschenko is pretty awesome. She and Irmao Sanders are both pretty cool. Her father is a General Authority and his last name is Godoy? maybe it is spelled differently.
We didnt really do anything at all for New Year's or New Year's Eve.
Our Sunday devotional was by Michael T. Ringwood and it was totally awesome and was about enduring to the end.
Portuguese is coming along pretty well. I know alot already because it is really similar to Spanish just pronounced differently. I already know somethings like, "Voce seguira o exemplo de Jesus Cristo, sendo batizado por alguem que possua a autoridade do Sacerdocio de Deus?" and "Eu vi um pilar de luz, encimar de minha cabeca, que descendi......"
No word on our visas yet, but the Monday before I came 50 visas came. Some more should be on the way. There are a ton of Brazilian-bound missionaries here.
I cant remember the rest. Well pass this email on to my family if you would, and whoever else you want. Well I have to go!! Be super awesome!

Con um abraco,
Elder Willoughby

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