Friday, January 15, 2010

Oi Familia,
Tudo bem? This week has been pretty legit. Let's see what did I do. On Tuesday L. Tom Perry came and spoke to us about the first lesson and that was pretty cool. MMmmmm, que mais? Our whole district moved into a new residence building today. Basically they have all the Portuguese speaking missionaries in one residence building I think which is like a ton of missionaries. My branch president, Presidente Bertasso said that they are closing down areas in Brazil because there arent enough missionaries because they are all stuck here in Provo. So pray for our visas! One cool thing is that Elder Subacz and I signed up to talk to the MTC teachers in Brazil via Skype on Monday. They are laying off the MTC teachers there because there is not anyone to teach Portuguese to. My Portuguese is coming well. Spanish is helping a lot because it is all the same basically. Especially the conjugations are really easy because they sound the same. I can meet someone and introduce myself as a missionary and say we have a message about the gospel of Jesus Christ and testify. I can actually do a lot for just being here 2.5 weeks (BTW there are some missionaries that have been here for 14 weeks). I can also ask them about their family and tell about mine. Elder Subacz and I did pretty well at the TRC this week teaching the first lesson in English. I always think it is going to go bad but God helps us and we usually do fairly well. Next week we have to do this fake situation at the TRC where we follow up on committments, walk the investigator to the bus, talk to the bus driver, and talk to people on the bus, all in Portuguese, and then we will be teaching the 2nd lesson in English. The week after that we teach the 2nd lesson again in English. And the week after that we teach the 1st lesson in Portuguese. I really am enjoying Portuguese. Well thanks to all of you who write me letters, mail time is so exciting. I hope I don't miss anyone but thanks to stephanie, courtney, dad, mom, kim, jane, adams, mike lewis, madsens (I got cookies and a tie and a picture!!!!). It is awesome hearing from you all. Another cool thing is that our district has been practicing Secreta Oracao (Secret Prayer) and we can do a 4 part harmony and it sounds amazing. So if you ever send a package, throw some ties in, the brazilian flag knitted hat, there are a small box of pictures of Christ on my dresser or in my dresser or in my night stand, and also there should be pictures of people on top of my dresser, and any pictures of you guys!Well I gotta go but keep it real.
Com um abraco,
Elder Willoughby.

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