Monday, May 31, 2010

{May 31, 2010}

Dear Family,
Well how are you all doing? I am doing pretty good. Alright to the point. We are teaching a lot of people and we have 4 people with baptismal dates. We have Istamir and Tersinha who are a couple, and she needs to get divorced and married to him to be baptized which could take some time (hopefully not) but they are like super strong. They are basically already part of the ward, they come to all the activites, have lots of friends, and last night we stopped by their house and Istamir was reading the bible. How awesome is that. They are perfect and just need to be married. They have 3 children Ticiane who is 13 and Stephanie who is like 9 and Istamir-filho who is like 5. Ticiane and Stephanie were already baptized recently, which is awesome.
The other 2 investigators with baptismal dates are Cláudio and Mikael, a father and son respectively. The first day we were here in Jerusalém we talked to them on the street. They were already talking to a member boy so that was convenient. He really likes the Book of Mormon. They have yet to come to church though so it will have to be 2 or 3 weeks before they can be baptized.
It is interesting how we mark a baptismal date. We usually have the responsibility to do it in the first lesson. We testify that if the Book of Mormon is true then Jesus Christ is our Savior, José Smith was His prophet, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the Kingdom of God on the Earth. Then we ask them, when they receive an answer that our message is the truth, if they will follow the answer and be baptized.
Well what else happened this week that is interesting. Yesterday I had my 5 month anniversary! That is exciting. It is a time to reflect, see what I am doing good, see what I need to improve, and only 19 months left to work. Holy cow these 5 months have gone too fast. My mission is practically over. Just kidding.
So the streets are being decorated with yellow and green for the world cup. Seriously we are going to find out this next week if we will be able to watch it. For me it is like obviously not, but all the Brazilians say the president will let us. It will be insane. I bought my first Brazil futebol shirt today. It is pretty legit. Ahhhh Brazil.
My companion and I work really well together, but he is having problems. He talks a lot about home. He is the only member in his family. Everytime he calls home for Mothers Day or Christmas his parents ask him to come home. They dont write him emails but they do write him letters sometimes. He has asked to come home several times but the president has always just worked things out with him. We went to the office last week for him to talk with the president about some things and the president talked to me too and said I really need to help him in everyway that I can. He is really a great person and is super strong, he just needs what the gospel has and he cant afford to give up.
Well in my study I have been reading the Book of Mormon and the October 2009 conference Ensign mainly these two things and Preach my Gospel. One thing that I have enjoyed doing is asking why a lot. For example in 1 nephi 7 why did Laman and Lemuel try to kill Nephi, why did Nephi forgive them? I really love reading from the Book of Mormon and I know it is true. Probably the strongest feelings I have had come from the Book of Mormon and that it is a true record that testifies of Jesus Christ. It was written specifically for us and there are many lessons in it. I also love reading the words of the living prophets.
Well know that I am doing well and pray for you guys. I have had such good examples. This week I was thinking especially about Buddy Ray and Grandpa Tanner, without them I wouldnt have served a mission.
Um abraço e um beijão ( a hug and a BIG kiss)
Elder Willoughby

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  1. So, I just realized I wan't following this blog, and it made me sad! But so glad to hear Elder W. is doing so fabulously!!! Keep helping your companion - what a great example you are! Tell him we're praying and rooting for him! (And you too!:)