Wednesday, June 16, 2010

{June 7, 2010}

How are you guys doing? I hope you are all super well and aren´t worrying about me at all. I am doing really good and I thank you guys for all the prayers. Happy Birthday to Ben, he is an old man!
Well things here are going well. Hey I think I lost more than 10 kilos which is awesome for me. But unfortunately I think I am losing arm and gaining stomach. That was when I weighed with all my missionary clothes on in the mission office and I think it is like 175 lbs, so I am probably like 170 lbs without shoes and clothes. And when I say I lost 10 kilos, that is, in the MTC I gained 5 kilos, lost those, and then 5 more. So really I probably only will look 5 kilos skinnier.
Well this week was....interesting. By interesting I mean that it was difficult but at the end was super awesome. It was difficult because the majority of our appointments fell through and we just had to work with contacts on the street, so that was difficult, and it seemed like everything was going against us. And then we had a Zone Conference on Thursday and it was really good. Some things I learned was about the desire to help souls come unto Christ. Also we talked about the Book of Mormon and a whole bunch of other things. It was at the chapel in Aldeota, which is near the mission office.
So after that I realized that I had this desire that other people might feel the same feelings I had felt about Jesus Christ and want to repent and be baptized. This was hard though because every time someone rejected us I was like torn. But then yesterday we had a really good day. We had 3 investigators at church with us and also 3 inactive members that we have been working with and it was like so satisfying to my heart. The only thing this week lacked was a baptism. This is like my 5th or 6th week without a baptism but I know that as we work hard and effectively we will find those that want to repent and be baptized.
Elder Porto is easy to get a long with, so that is super good. Oh and at the Zone Conference we found out that we can NOT watch the World Cup. THe last world cup the missionaried were allowed to watch so the Brazilians were really hoping. On the days with a game with Brazil we will leave the house at 9;00 and then return home during the games to do our study. We usually leave at 1030 or 11.
Oh yeah do you guys still want to come and pick me up? There have been a few parents here while I have been here to pick up there missionaries. I knew you guys wanted to but you havent said anything for a while.
Um abraço e beijão,
Elder Willoughby

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