Wednesday, December 30, 2009

He made it!!!

David reported to the Provo MTC this afternoon, after a harrowing, multiple near-near-death-experience drive. Hey, everyone that lives in ID and UT- you know that snow storm today. We drove through it. But let's get back to what's important!

Our little Davy Crocket is going to be awesome. When we dropped him off, he seemed very excited in his own quiet way. After he was set apart last night by the stake president, he bore his testimony that the Gospel is true. We were the first to hear his testimony as a missionary. We pray that all who hear it will have open hearts so that the Spirit can testify of the truthfulness of the message.

We will let you know what his address is when we get it from him. He would love letters, pictures, packages (you know, the brown paper ones that are tied up with string), etc. We, his family, would like to thank you for supporting him in this way.

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