Monday, September 6, 2010

{Sept 6, 2010}

Dear Family,
How is everything there? Can you believe I am a missionary with 8 months already? It´s weird, time goes by so fast here. So you guys are going to the fair huh? Thats cool. I remember last summer when I was forced to volunteer there, helping make Tiger Ears. Well anyway things are going super great here. Did you know that for the last two months The brasil fortaleza mission has been the highest baptizing mission in the world, and the highest baptizing ward/branch in this mission is barbalha? Pretty crazy, huh? I never thought I would be in the middle of the jungle preaching the gospel. But I´m not really in the middle of the jungle just so you know.
So this week, one cool thing that happened was that we had a zone conference. The president didnt make the long trip here but all 4 assistants came. It was like all day long. One thing that I felt during the conference that they talked about was reading the book of mormon with your investigators. so this week we did that a lot, especially with the people that we already baptized. It went really well. I really liked reading Enos with them and Mosiah 3 and 1 Nephi 3.
So the worst thing that happened was that I had an ingrown toenail. I actually had had it for like 2 weeks already so I finally decided to go to the doctor. It didnt hurt that much but it really was stupid because I had to stay in the house for a few days. But it is 100% already.
So today we had a Zone P-Day, so people played soccer, and stuff. So I am in Juazeiro do Norte right now. We also watched the movie Enchanted. It was funny because I remember the last time I watched it I was with Emily. This time I was with a bunch of 20 year old men. And another crazy thing, my old comp Elder Lopes´brother was there.
One really great family we found was Samara and Gilson. They are a pretty young couple (25ish) and are looking for a church. Yesterday we taught them the first lesson and it went really good. We are going back on Tuesday. One really great thing is that they arent married. Alright thats bad, but the great thing is that they were like, hey can you help people get married, it will show more trust in our relationship, and then we were like............yeah!!! So we have to pray a lot for them.
Also there is this man named Demi that we were preparing for baptism. But this past week we could never talk to him, partly because of my toe, partly because of other stuff. But anyway he didnt go to church but we are going to really work hard with him because he is a really good man.
Well thats about it! Remember to read the book of mormon everyday and pray everyday, and go to church, and help the missionaries. Which reminds me I was reading chapter 13 in preach my gospel and it had a suggestion that mom did, which was to invite someone to a special holiday lunch!

Um abraço e beijão
Elder Willoughby

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