Tuesday, April 20, 2010

E aí minha mai, tudo bem? Tudo ótimo aqui no Brasil [And there my mother, everything well? Everything great here in Brazil]. Yeah how are doing mom? And you Dad? I keep getting letters from him. And mom thanks for all the emails. And Sister Gingrich and Sister Martin thanks for the letters! Hey guess what, we get to see Elder Holland talk today!! Crazy I know. Sorry this email is going so many places but my mind is everywhere now, wondering what I should tell you guys first. OK, first I am doing super good. All is well I am healthy and happy and I think I am getting a little better at Portuguese but I am not sure. OK so second, my companion Elder Szpack was sent home on Friday for some things he did in his last area and we will leave it at that. So Thursday night the president called us and we had to go to the office. Friday I spent with one of the assistants working in his area (I already have worked as an assisstant!) and then on Saturday and yesterday I was with Elder Toledo working in my area. After the conference with Elder Holland, President will tell me where I am staying or going and with whom.
We didn´t have any baptisms this week but one cool story is that Saturday night I was like counting how many investigators would probably come to Church and I was like it will be a miracle if 5 investigators come. So Sunday morning we were picking up investigators and like no one answered the doors, just one of our investigators, so I was kinda bummed, but then at Sacrament meeting 4 more came by their selves so we had 5 so it was totally a miracle.
So I have to go but dont worry about me at all I am doing fine. I know that God loves us and we are His children. I know that He answers our prayers and He is a God of miracles. I am really excited to see an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ speak with us. Hey thanks for all you guys do, I gotta go but fica firme-forte [stay firm].

Um Beixão

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