Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oi familia,
Como estao? MMM yeah i am in brasil which is awesome. I am not sure if you know this or not because someone in charge might have sent you an email already. OK so Brasil is pretty awesome, basically better than the US. Its just really hot and humid but thats ok. today is our preparation day so we went out and i bought some flops from this one store. they let us walk around casa verde which is the neighborhood here on preparation days. one funny thing that happened on the plane is that there was this guy that had like 4 small bottles of vodka and he was super smashed and at like 10 oclock he let out a blood curdling scream for no reason and scared the whole plain because we thought that someone had gotten murdered.
the mtc here is pretty nice. its just one building with 7 floors, the brazilians are really nice and its fun to talk to them and its funny when they try to speak english. mmmm we dont know who are teacher is yet. all the furniture here is made from mahogany and is way nice. and its really hot and humid. my companion is elder king now and he is the one that i traveled with.
We can see like a lot of building in downtown sao paulo from our window. sao paulo is huge, i cant see the end of it. oh yeah and our windows dont have screens, they have sliding glass on them and then sliding shutters that are like metal with holes in them so its kinda nice to get the breeze, but we just always leave them open so we get a nice breeze.
mmmm i cant think of anything else except dont send anything here to the mtc. just dont. and yeah. so i gotta go but i love you all.

uma abraço,
elder willoughby

{I know Dave said not to send anything, but the President of the MTC sent Mom a letter that encouraged hand written letters. He will only be there like 2 weeks, so if you want to send a letter its probably ok! However, do not send any packages, or use anything besides the US Postal Service cuz it won't get to him. Also, I guess when the Brazillians see a package from the US they look through it and take what they want before delivering it. I'm just sayin..}

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  1. I've heard that when you send packages, you want to put a picture of Christ on them.... at least if you're mailing to Mexico or Guatemala.